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Our goal is not simply to create a website for you, but to provide you with a suite of marketing tools. This way, if you come up with an idea on Monday, you can swiftly take action on Tuesday

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The core values of our team

Our core values serve as the fundamental algorithm that guides our decision-making, shapes our culture, and ultimately defines our identity.

Selective about our peers:

We are unreasonably selective about our peers. We only want to work with people who inspire us, those who push us to become better.

Always experimenting and iterating:

We are constant learners, and we believe that experimenting is the fastest way to learn. Therefore, we allocate more than 10% of our profits to trying out new things.

Be direct and transparent:

To be transparent means to share your thoughts and opinions honestly and respectfully. If you think something is wrong, point it out.

Strive for excellence:

We set ambitious goals, maintain high standards, and push ourselves to constantly raise the bar. 

Be Kind and Helpful 

We are always ready to help whether it's our team, our partners, our clients, and anyone else. Also, we don’t tolerate any jerks.

Be Happy: 

In the end, nothing matters if you are not happy. 

Our Team

Ayush Barnwal

Founder & Webflow Lead

Harsh Kumar

Co-founder & Webflow dev

Rajat Kapoor

Copywriter and Strategist

Amrit Singh

Brand Design and Visual Lead

Amritpal Singh

UI/UX Designer

Shubham Ranjan

Webflow Dev
Abhiman M.
Growth Marketing Lead, Phyllo

"We have been working with the ThunderClap team for over 2 years now, and they are one of the fastest teams we have ever worked with. Ninety percent of the tasks are completed within 24 hours, and they consistently go above and beyond to meet our deadlines.”

All the great people we’ve worked with

In the last three years, we had the chance to work with 50+ clients, ranging from small startups to companies with over three hundred people.

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